He Didn’t MeetHer.Com

An 18-year-old Milford man thought an attractive young woman wanted to meet him in the middle of the night on a Fair Haven streetcorner.

Boy, was he surprised.

The ill-fated rendezvous took place shortly after midnight last Saturday.

Here’s what happened, according to top Fair Haven cop Sgt. Herb Johnson:

The Milford man had corresponded on a hook-up website called MeetMe.com with a person who posted a female name. He really wanted to meet her. She really wanted to meet him—he believed. He agreed to show up at the corner of Grand and Maltby.

When the Milford visitor arrived on the corner, a young man approached him.

“Yo. What are you doing?” the man asked the Milford visitor.

The Milford visitor said he was meeting somebody.

The man departed. Then the Milford visitor received a text message from the woman. It directed him to the rear of a nearby house.

The Milford visitor complied. Guess whom he found in the back of the house? The same young man who had approached him moments earlier. He had two other men with him now.

Uh oh.

The Milford visitor figured he was about to be robbed. This time he figured right.

He protested that he had nothing on him except for some condoms.

One of the other men punched him in the face, then made off with his cell phone, which is worth an estimated $400.

The men then fled.

Sgt. Johnson said he sees a moral to the story:

“Verify stuff on the computer before you go out and meet somebody you don’t know in a place you don’t know.”

Or better yet, he said: Rather than journeying to dark isolated places for a rendezvous, “How about Starbucks?”


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posted by: Edward_H on February 6, 2014  3:31pm

I find the humorous tone of this article interesting. I wonder if the article would have been written in the same manner had the crime victim been a woman.

posted by: Career High School Parent on February 6, 2014  5:30pm

@Edward…haven’t we all drilled into our kids heads about not meeting strangers from the internet in strange, dark places? If this were a woman, it SHOULD be written in the same tone. Shame on any individual, young or old, male/female for being so irresponsible! It’s called personal responsibility.  Shame on any parent who hasn’t repeated this over & over again….and shame on the teenagers(male or female) who ignore such cautionary tales! Thank God he walked out with his life intact. A $400 lesson. Pretty cheap if you ask me!!

posted by: Wooster Squared on February 6, 2014  5:42pm

I have to agree with Edward H here. Yes, the victim acted incredibly foolishly, however that doesn’t mean we should turn the fact that he was assaulted into a big joke. Nobody deserves to be robbed and beaten.

Very true that the article would not have been written this way had the victim been a woman.

posted by: Samuel T. Ross-Lee on February 6, 2014  7:07pm

I agree with Edward H. 

Even crimes against gullible men should be taken seriously.

HE is still a victim.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on February 6, 2014  8:46pm

ok guys I am going to disagree, why because this guys comes off as a “john”. At least he brought condoms. I don’t think any woman would meet a guy in a bad area at midnight. Come on.

Hartman was right in saying next time meet at starbucks…but my guess is this was a sexual transaction not a date.

posted by: Career High School Parent on February 6, 2014  10:19pm

He had no cash on him…so Einstein couldn’t have been a john. Only a phone and condoms. As I said before, anyone who has a half a brain cell knows to meet in a public place. He was asking for trouble.

posted by: Shaggybob on February 7, 2014  2:10pm

Two Words - Common sense

posted by: new havener on February 7, 2014  8:33pm

fyi…nothing good happens at grand & maltby, especially after dark

posted by: everloved on February 12, 2014  2:48pm

That is very sad.  Can they not figure out where they are with all the gps csi stuff?  Condoms?  A little hasty.