Hit-&-Run Driver Kills Woman

Police are looking for a driver whose car struck and killed a pedestrian early Thursday on Woolsey Street between Blatchley Avenue and Poplar Street.

Police were called to the scene at 12:51 a.m., according to department spokesman Officer David Hartman.

The pedestrian, an as-yet unidentified woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver fled the scene. Police believe the driver may have been in a red Toyota Camry—presumably now with front-end damage—modeled sometime between 2002 and 2006.

Police also released the name of the knife-wielding man who was shot dead Tuesday night after allegedly stabbing two other men on Sperry Street. The dead man, Sirvon Strickland of Bristol Street, was 31 years old.

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posted by: William Kurtz on October 11, 2018  8:04pm

“Police are looking for a driver who killed a pedestrian with a car . . .”

Fixed it for you. Please, let’s assign the agency to human actors.

posted by: Sabrina-in-NewHaven on October 12, 2018  12:17pm

Is there a plan in place to use traffic cameras ever!?? New Haven is about 30 years behind the phenomena. How is that hit-and-runs are routinely reported and our city leaders don’t realize that without proper measures people will continue to get away with this. Dixwell and Whalley are two of the most treacherous streets to cross in New Haven. At the corner of Whalley Avenue and Blake St. there are only lines indicating a crosswalk at two of the four corners. No traffic signals to slow down traffic. Ridiculous!

Let’s also mention the fact that at corners where it clearly states “No Turn On Red” impatient jerks still take the turn and expect you to yield to them. The corner of Whalley and Ellsworth is notorious for this. Not to mention individuals who speed up and down Ella T Grasso trying to outrun the light that changes after 3 cars make it through at Whalley. I’m sure anyone who lives in Beaver Hills, Amity or areas served by Dixwell can attest to this. The same traffic light I reported and complained about. And even after another citizen weighed in the response is “traffic light in working order”.

I’ve never seen one flyer about a community meeting. What are you alders doing anyway besides approving raises!? Lack of action by local leaders is encouraging bad habits and behavior. I totally get that there are those who insist on jaywalking. They should be fined too. D.C. does all the time. I’m so sick of ya’ll!