Leng On Cop’s Treatment Of Immigrant: “Disgraceful”

Sam Gurwitt PhotoHamden Mayor Curt Leng issued a statement late Tuesday evening regarding a report by WTNH’s Mario Boone about a Hamden police officer threatening to report a detainee to ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

He blasted actions caught on video and promised an investigation.

Leng’s statement reads as follows:

“Actions taken by some involved were disgraceful, and certainly not representative of Hamden’s values. I do not expect, and will not tolerate, these types of actions by any of our law enforcement personnel. Acting Chief Cappiello has launched an immediate internal investigation into this incident, and I will work closely with the Chief and the Hamden Police Commission to ensure that that the investigation is as thorough as the situation demands and deserves. Appropriate action will be taken. As many know, I am a strong supporter of our local law enforcement and respect so many of our public safety men and women that work tirelessly for our community every day. Certain actions taken and words spoken in the video shown today have no business being part of Hamden law enforcement. Period.
“Connecticut law clearly dictates our State’s legal policy, which every local law enforcement agency must follow related to detaining an individual based on their immigration status. It makes detaining unlawful, with few and very specific exceptions, such as a violent criminal actions or known gang activity. Our local Police follow this policy; we follow it because it is law, because it increases the safety of all our residents and because it reflect our values.”

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posted by: 1644 on February 6, 2019  7:56am

Danbury (run by Mark Boughton) fired an officer for threatening to beat an immigrant due to his illegal status.  A state arbitrator and judge over-ruled the city, saying the officer could not be fired for such actions.
There’s, also, this, another case where a court ordered a out-of-control cop rehired:

posted by: cunningham on February 6, 2019  9:06am

In addition to the ICE threat, the officer also used what seemed like excessive force on the driver, threatened him with lethal force (“f you do something that you’re not told you’re gonna get shot!”), and allegedly searched the car’s trunk illegally.

posted by: AliceB on February 6, 2019  12:31pm

It is amazing how much empathy people muster up for the so called “victims.”  The officers ?  Not so much. Why?  Do we not see the frustration that officers have to go through?  What about the ramifications of blowing through s red light? 
Maybe the officers are far more aware of what these two men driving in a car that ran a red light and then tried to evade the police could have caused??

posted by: OverTheRiverThruTheHood on February 6, 2019  2:40pm

Careful Alice, your privilege is showing. Frustration is not an excuse to threaten to shoot someone. If you can’t handle the strain of the job without breaking the rules, you shouldn’t be in law enforcement. Maybe, instead of worshiping the uniform you should expect cops to show basic human decency.

posted by: redman on February 6, 2019  2:58pm

I don’t see any problem here, no one got shot or beaten. This driver could have killed someone with dangerous driving. Only meathead liberals defend idiots like these and would be the first to defend their right to free speech but are quick to criticize the police who are doing a dangerous job.

All illegals should be deported, over a million legal immigrants are admitted to the U.S. EVERY year by following the laws. Illegals are cheaters and criminals.

Congratulations to these Hamden police officers for protecting it’s law abiding CITIZENS.