Motorcyclist Dies In Crash

A motorcyclist died after crashing into a car in Westville Monday night.

The crash occurred at Whalley and Central avenues around 10:30.

Here’s what happened, according to police Officer David Hartman:

After the driver of the car, a 2002 Mercury Sable, exited a parking lot, the two vehicles crashed. The impact threw the motorcyclist into the air and then onto the roof of the car. His head went through the windshield, witnesses reported.

The Sable driver sped east on Whalley, then turned left onto Fitch. The turn dislodged the motorcyclist from the windshield onto the ground. The Sable driver fled up Fitch.

The motorcyclist had no pulse when authorities arrived on the scene, and never regained one.

Update: Police Tuesday identified the victim as Mark Hoffler, 51, of New Haven. They found the Mercury on Beaver Hill Road; they brought the car to the police garage for a forensic work-up. The driver remains at large.

As of late Monday night the police did not have a description of the Sable driver or information about whether any passengers were in the car. More details may be released Tuesday. In the meantime, police asked any witnesses or anyone else with information to call the traffic division 203-946-6316.

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posted by: wendy1 on August 7, 2018  8:17am


posted by: challenge on August 7, 2018  8:20am

one word: Heartless

posted by: observer1 on August 7, 2018  8:23am

After reading several news stories, it appears the new normal is to never stop when an accident occurs, run hide and either report the car stolen or just disappear. There seems to be a blurring of what right and wrong is, and that blurring is a generational thing. Hit and run regardless of injury or physical damage to property has become the smart thing to do. It has always been wrong and illegal, but most people in the recent past would stop and remain on scene to accept the consequences of their actions. I believe that this is the result of a loosening of the moral fiber that kept the fabric of society whole in prior years. This anything goes attitude is not the America I used to know, as imperfect as it was.

posted by: NewHaven18 on August 7, 2018  10:46am

This is not new, there have always been good and bad people. I’m sure those born 50 years before you saw your generation as morally corrupt, with your rock music and school desegregation.

posted by: Ex-NHPD on August 7, 2018  8:53pm

As someone who has had problems getting my comments past the NHI Censors, I wonder if I had posted wendy1’s same one word comment, it would have been approved.

I’m sure she will respond and tell us all that her years as a nurse have shown her the dangers of motorcycle riding in New Haven and Connecticut.  I could say the same from my years as a New Haven Police Officer.

However, her terse comment after such a horrific collision and death is at best, tasteless.  And most certainly unnecessary.

posted by: Phyrne on August 10, 2018  11:13pm

Ex-NHPD, you said it with far more tact than I would have shown that female. What heartless cruel thing for her to say…I dont care what her opinion is of MC drivers…the man is dead..milk of human kindness,,is that too much to expect from an adult??