A Final Object Lesson

Stephen Kobasa photographStudio of Louis Comfort Tiffany, stained glass, 1895

Somewhere in New Haven

A last lesson…in this form, at least.

This was a reminder to me that there is always something else worth seeing in this city. I thought I knew where all the Tiffany glass was in New Haven, until I was let into the dusty room where the light was pouring through this window. Not wanting it to become as vulnerable as some companion pieces in the same location have already proven to be, I will not say where it is. Rather, I offer it as additional evidence of the hidden consolations that remain here around us, if only we stop and look.

Rather than reaching a point where I might regret not having concluded the series sooner, I have decided to bring it to a close while it is still a pleasure, and before it becomes either too precious or contrived (although some might suggest that it has already edged over both those boundaries on occasion). My thanks to Melissa Bailey, Allan Appel and Thomas MacMillan for their encouragement along the way, to all those who have found the series worth reading, and most especially to Paul Bass, not only for his willingness to offer “Object Lessons” a venue, but also for agreeing to support my new project at the New Haven Independent.

Beginning in July, I will contribute a twice monthly column entitled “Look Here: New Work by Nearby Artists.” Each piece will focus on the work of a local artist who deserves attention in a city where the unnervingly few galleries we have cannot possibly show everything which should be shown. And acquired.

Think of it as my response to a certain annual event about which I previously announced in another publication that I would not write one further word. Let me say only that if people are committed to becoming patrons of the artists of our community, then they must give evidence of that on more than one or two weekends of institutionalized exhibition every year.

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posted by: Steve on July 1, 2010  12:45pm

Thanks for this series, I really enjoyed it.

So, were is the rest of the Tiffany glass in New Haven?  Lindsey-Chit. Hall at Yale, for one.  Where else?

posted by: William Kurtz on July 1, 2010  12:51pm

I am disappointed to see this series end, but looking forward to Mr. Kobasa’s new venture.

posted by: Stephen Kobasa on July 1, 2010  1:42pm

Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green has four (see Object Lesson #12) and there is a group, once at Center Church, now on display at SCSU’s Buley Library (an eaxmple of the price to be paid for preservation when it means that the works are removed from their original context). It is difficult to believe that there are not also some domestic examples, though their owners may prefer to be silent about them.

posted by: sjbj on July 1, 2010  1:54pm

Although I’ve only been a lurker, not a poster, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thank you. Looking forward to the new column.

posted by: Betsy Yagla on July 1, 2010  3:00pm

Stephen, looking forward to the new column

posted by: I just love a Greek sala on July 1, 2010  3:06pm

Thanks for your work.  I looked forward to it every week, like other things on the web.
Great job.

posted by: Steve Ross, Human on July 2, 2010  10:11am

I loved the series and am sad to see it end, though you’re reasons for doing so are admirable. I look forward to the new series!

posted by: Yale University Art Gallery on July 2, 2010  2:12pm


We have enjoyed pondering—and being a small part of—the Object Lessons column. We look forward to the “Look Here” project.

Ana & Adrienne