Spring Walkers Savor Edgewood Park

Markeshia Ricks PhotoOminous clouds and the threat of rain didn’t hold back the people gathered at Edgewood Park for a walk. It just meant they had to walk a little faster.

But first, some trivia. City Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees Director Rebecca Bombero had a couple of questions Wednesday for the 30 people who gathered near the playground in the park. (Though the walk is part of the “Walk with the Mayor” series to encourage people to get out and move, Bombero filled in for Harp, who was away at a conference.)

“Can someone tell me who designed Edgewood Park?” asked Bombero.

Katrina Clark, a retired health-center director who lives on nearby Hubinger Street, had the answer: Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. Clark, a volunteer with the Friends of Edgewood Park,e can be found most mornings walking her dog, Kaycie, a cavipoo. “She likes kids, loves the park,” Clark said of Kaycie. Clark snagged a light gray T-shirt for her correct answer.

Stephanie Fitzgerald, a Friends of Edgewood Park stalwart, took a little time to tell the walkers gathered about the volunteer organization and to encourage them to get involved.

Bombero had one more question: Why had they all gathered together, on Earth Day no less?

“For health,” called out Barbara Duncan, who lives on Forest Road. Walking for health and to enjoy the park was the answer Bombero was looking for. She tossed Duncan a bright yellow t-shirt, which Duncan immediately donned over the shirt she was wearing.

Duncan said she found out about the walk because of a wellness group she’s affiliated with through the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center. Like everyone else, she was there to get some exercise through walking. And walk they did.

Their route took them past the park’s sundial sprinkler. To the delight of these three youngsters, they continued down the hill. As they approached it the little boy to the right in this photo exclaimed at the top of his lungs, “THE DUCK POND!”

The walkers with the shortest legs did a lap around the pond, then sprinted away. Longer, and a little slower, legs brought up the rear.

Everybody beat the rain.

If you missed your opportunity to walk with Mayor Harp you’ve still got a few more chances. The remaining schedule follows:

• May 2, 10:30 a.m., Front Street and Grand Avenue at the Quinnipiac River
• May 9,  9 a.m. at Edgewood Park, Coogan Pavilion
• June 6, 9 a.m. at Scantlebury Park-Farmington Canal
• June 22, 5:30 p.m. at Kimberly Triangle on Howard Avenue


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posted by: Mikelive on April 23, 2015  11:40am

Walk with the mayor with no mayor. Wow, one might get a bit worried about the city when the mayor herself plans something like this and doesn’t show up.

I wonder how many people actually came hoping to meet the mayor?

posted by: Billy on April 23, 2015  4:07pm

Gotta agree with Mikelive. This mayor sure does a lot too much deputizing, and this one was even billed as a walk with her.