Parking Authority Promotes 9, Rethinks Garage Management

The parking authority has promoted nine employees to management positions as part of a rethinking of how to run its public garages.

The authority (aka “Park New Haven” in its rebranded incarnation) runs seven city garages and other surface lots with a total of over 8,000 parking spaces. Until now it has had its managers spread out across different facilities over different shifts. Now it will assign managers to specific facilities. This change will “increase our efficiencies and customer service at each of our parking facilities citywide and provide these hard-working individuals with new opportunities for personal career growth,” a press release quoted authority chief David Panagore as saying.

The nine employees promoted to supervisor spots are Lue Hemingway and George Reed (security), Harry Proscino (maintenance), Gloria Wilkins (accounting); and Yolanda McIver, Kwasi Oduro, Lakeisha Pendergrass, Frances Williams, and Naomi Williams (cashiers). Most of them live in New Haven, according to the authority.

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posted by: robn on May 21, 2014  9:25am

New haven should stop building concrete self park garages and move to dense pack automated parking. It’s a better use of space and doesn’t have the massive repair/demo burden faced by concrete structures 15-20 years down the line.

posted by: Stylo on May 21, 2014  9:41am

How about not charging exorbitant amounts of money for parking during the day? That would be a start. No one should have to pay more than $15 a day to park in downtown. If you were to park all day, it’d be approaching Manhattan costs.

posted by: jim1 on May 21, 2014  9:54am

At that cost you are better to park on the street and pay the ticket.

posted by: LorcaNotOrca on May 21, 2014  2:26pm

Last Friday, I parked in the Temple Street Garage for an hour and a half just to have dinner on Crown St. I don’t usually do that, but it was one of those nights there was little street parking at the time.

My garage fee for that 1.5 hours?  $8.

Bloody absurd. New Haven keeps trying to market itself as a world-class city and wants people to live work and play downtown and all that, but so many times it just has no idea what it’s doing! Clueless, and very lame.

(I realize high prices come along with big-city things, but NH is trying to like, make itself more appealing here, right?)

posted by: Stylo on May 21, 2014  3:14pm

@jhonn_m The problem with those kind of parking fees is they’re not in line with a city of New Haven’s size, and kind of defeats the value proposition of going to New Haven vs. more major cities. I recently parked for an hour in a garage in Boston for $10. No way we should be paying anywhere near that. You should have paid $4.

posted by: Elmguy on May 29, 2014  1:38am

@jhonn_m temple st has free parking for restaurants in the area depending on where you go and @stylo the max for 24 hrs is 16 which I take advantage of a lot when parking and going to NYC because of the parking there which is 30+

posted by: Stylo on May 29, 2014  9:57am

@ElmGuy, I just park for free at Milford train station.