St. Patrick’s Parade Shifts To Edgewood Avenue

Paul Bass PhotoGather on Edgewood Avenue. And don’t even think about drinking in public.

Officials issued those marching orders Wednesday at a press conference about this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Ed Evers and Walter Pastet (pictured) filled the City Hall atrium with a bagpipe preview of the sounds they’ll make at the parade with the rest of the Connecticut Firefighters Pipes and Drums crew.

The annual event, the largest annual parade in Connecticut, draws an estimated 250,000 people each spring to New Haven’s streets. This year’s parade, the 58th, begins Sunday March 16 at 1:30 p.m. Because of construction on Chapel Street, units will gather on Edgewood Avenue at the corner of Sherman Avenue, and march up to Howe Street before turning right toward Chapel Street for the customary final stretch. The new route is pictured above.

“It’s a family day. It’s not a day for public drinking,” declared Assistant Police Chief Luiz Casanova. “Police officers will be out there with ticket books” to fine people $99 if they imbibe in full view. “Leave your coolers at home, please.”

The department is posting these notices around town to get the word out. They borrowed a graphic from across the pond to make the point.

Morgan Hildebrandt (at left in photo) will serve as the parade’s “honor attendant.” (She came in second in the competition for the parade queen title.) Retired New Haven Assistant Police Chief Petisia Adger (at right) is serving as parade coordinator.

Tim Gallogly is the parade chair.

Thomas MacMillan File PhotoHere’s a scene from 2011’s parade; find more here.


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posted by: Stephen Harris on March 5, 2014  7:35pm

Let’s hope for some rapid snow melt and warm weather!

posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer on March 5, 2014  8:22pm

The route is being changed because…....? I am not sure if I missed something here, or the connection is the excessive public drinking. So if the route is moved off Chapel St., and sent down Edgewood Av, through the intersection of Edgewood Av, and Kensington St., where there have been so many gang murders and shootings I have lost count, this will stop the disgusting behavior of the drunks that use this parade annually to share their alcoholism with other drunks.

Maybe the switch is to create a situation similar to past Freddy Fixer parades, that had murders right in the middle of the parade, murders and shooting all around the parade route once it passed, and little children crippled by racing motorcyclist who were allowed into the parade as “marchers”.

Sounds like the same genius who issued those parade permits, or his/her protégé has created this change. And everyone else involved in the decision making went along with this? Must be connected to the decisions and planning used for snow removal this year in New Haven.

[Editor: The change is due to construction on Chapel Street around the Hospital of St. Raphael campus of Yale-New Haven Hospital.]

posted by: robn on March 5, 2014  10:33pm

I have been appalled at past parade behavior but I was thinking more like “drink discreetly and responsibly so as to not barf or whizz right in front of your neighbors children.” I hope we can police the parade at the Fun tolerance level rather than the Zero tolerance level.