Taco Flood!

Taco lovers—or, rather, people who find bigotry distasteful—are sending “care packages” to East Haven’s mayor: tacos. And more tacos.

The tacos come courtesy of a group called Reform Immigration FOR America.

The group launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign in the wake of comments East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo made Tuesday after the feds arrested four of his cops for allegedly targeting, brutalizing, and falsely arresting Latinos as a matter of course, and then lying about it with the help of higher-ups. When a reporter from new York’s WPIX TV asked Maturo what he’d do for the Latino community, he responded, “I might have tacos when I get home.” (Watch it here.)

That remark caused lots of laughs. It also prompted the governor to brand Maturo’s comments “repugnant.” It sparked Register editor Matt DeRienzo to write this blistering editorial, which has helped spark a recall campaign against Maturo, whose administration the feds say has tried to stonewall an ongoing civil-rights investigation.

The national reform group created this Facebook page for its campaign. “Tell Mayor Maturo we won’t stand for racial profiling and public displays of ignorance by our elected officials,” the page reads. “Text TACO to 69866 and we’ll send a taco to Mayor Maturo’s office this week.”

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posted by: Anymouse on January 25, 2012  4:32pm

I can’t stand behind a group that makes such a mockery out of the fine art of photoshop. 


posted by: nhteaparty on January 25, 2012  5:38pm

Now I want stacked nachos with queso from On the Border.

posted by: On Looker on January 25, 2012  6:59pm

This whole thing was caused by the NY Media Editing the interview.
Just shows just how Unprofessional The Media both News And Online Reporting really are, More like the National Enquirer.
Seems to want to encourage Hate.

posted by: marko on January 25, 2012  10:33pm

That’s right, On Looker, the liberal media is going after Maturo, along with Newt.

posted by: Steven on January 26, 2012  12:06am

I wish I owned a taco bell!

posted by: Chip Croft on January 26, 2012  8:55am

I live in LA now after over 20 yrs in CT. This story is making huge news out here. After the years and years of East and West Haven stopping and harassing people for driving while black and Latino, it is great to see the bigots exposed in the light of the world media.

posted by: streever on January 26, 2012  10:38am

On Looker

The “New York” media! I’m sure the way they Edited (sic) the interview is why that comment was so distasteful.

They are absolutely “encouraging Hate (sic) by calling out an insensitive and Unprofessional (sic) mayor.

posted by: R. A. Gibson on January 27, 2012  12:20pm

It is unfortunate that this mayor said what he said in light of the current investigation of the East Haven Police Department for violating the rights of Hispanic residents. It says something about the mayor who made such an offensive, racist reference to the Hispanic community: he is unfit to be the leader of any community in the nation. If he publicly denigrates Hispanics in this manner and the people of East Haven allow him to remain in office, East Haven’s reputation for treating minorities badly will be more tarnished than it already is. If East Haven’s citizens are silent, the rest of the nation will believe that East Haveners condone the activity of their police department and the views of their mayor.
The whole nation has its eyes on East Haven. Will a ... continue to be the head of this city, or will the real Americans of principle, justice, liberty and equality in East Haven stand up and say that Mr. ...maturo does not and should not continue to represent the people of East Haven.

posted by: Snoopy on January 29, 2012  9:06am

R.A. Gibson I share your thoughts. However East Haven will never change and many there support and will keep and possibly reelect him. They treated Afro Americans far worst there after not allowing Jews there years before. No one was concerned with Afro Americans then and now the Hispanics get DOJ and FBI to investigate. They burned homes of Afro Americans, burned crosses, spray painted racial slurs on homes made life threatening phone calls of their intended actions when man of house was at work etc. etc. etc.. They let them in now they should live peacefully with them.  Regarding mayor not fit NOR is the police chief.  “will the real Americans of principle, justice, liberty and equality in East Haven stand up and say that Mr. ...maturo does not and should not continue to represent the people of East Haven.”  This does not exist nor will it ever exist in East Haven.
East Haven is racist and not safe for some ethnicity’s. I think East Haven along with Naugatuck has the highest racism and bigots than any other city or town in Ct. Floodquist got away with murder of Malik Jones.  He was a EHPD. Crossed line into New Haven in a high speed chase and murdered him. He feared for his life as he stood by a non moving vehicle, broke all the glass out of driver window with his gun and then pumped 5 / FIVE shots in his body. At what point did he fear or have reason to fear his life while doing this??? A rap sheet, fleeing at high speed does not warrant MURDER. So not only is East Haven broken so is the judicial system.  Read the paper, watch news and see how the whole US is broken from Wall St, the White House to the out house.