State Suspends Liquor Licenses For Toad’s Place, Temple Grill

Two downtown establishments will have to shut off the beer taps briefly in March after the state charged them with selling alcohol to minors.

The bars, Toad’s Place at 300 York St. and Temple Grill at 152 Temple St., were the latest establishment to face sanctions from the state liquor control commission.

Toad’s Place, the legendary concert venue, was found guilty of sale of alcohol to a minor and having a minor in the barroom. The club has paid a $4,000 fine and will have its liquor license suspended on March 24 and 25, according to the state.

Toad’s Place periodically has faced fines and suspensions for similar offenses when the state sends undercover agents to scope out underage drinking in clubs.

Temple Grill, a restaurant with a small bar, paid a $500 fine and will have its license suspended on March 17 for the same offenses.

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posted by: smackfu on February 27, 2014  6:11pm

So, Toad’s Place will take their penalty on Monday and Tuesday, when they probably aren’t open anyways.  And Temple Grill is taking their penalty on St. Patrick’s Day, and they were probably planning on being closed anyway to avoid the mayhem.

Those sure are some effective penalties.

posted by: Just Thinking... on February 27, 2014  6:17pm

Not allowing Temple Grill to sell alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is proportionately a greater penalty than requiring Toads to close on a Monday & Tuesday the following week. That is shame since TG does not seem to have the same history of issues that Toads does.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on February 27, 2014  6:58pm

Are you guys really confusing Parade Day with the actual St. Patrick’s Day?

Outside of a few Irish pubs, drinking on Monday the 17th will amount to nothing, as everyone will have drunk themselves silly on Sunday the 16th.