Trees Downed; 1,000+ Lose Power

Glenn Schulman PhotoA storm that whipped through the state Monday evening spared New Haven the worst of it—but still felled trees throughout the city and left much of East Rock and Westville without power.

As of 6:30 p.m., 1,043 households were without electricity, concentrated in those two neighborhoods, according to city emergency operations chief Rick Fontana.

He said it’s too early to tell how many trees fell in town.

Lucy Gellman Photo“We’re working on probably 30 or 40, maybe 50,” Fontana said of emergency crews out in the streets. “The trees that we’re dealing with are the large trees that are in the roadways. Those are the big issues.”

It was a replay of an 1989 storm that destroyed homes and entire rows of trees in Hamden, hitting tornado status in some pockets, while causing damage but never hitting the same intensity in New Haven. The storm’s center was just north of the city as it passed through the region, Fontana said.

Lucy Gellman PhotoMore than 100,000 customers have lost power so far statewide, and numerous tornado warnings have been issued, according to WTNH.

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posted by: mcg2000 on May 15, 2018  8:45pm

Given how fast the tornado warnings spread from Litchfield County to parts of New Haven County, why didn’t the City of New Haven use its emergency contact system to alert its residents about the warnings?

posted by: TheMadcap on May 16, 2018  8:38am

I don’t own a television, and I didn’t have a radio on a that moment, so I can’t speak for those forms of communication, but I can say that my cell phone very much alaterted me of an the emergency warning. It refused to stop buzzing until I acknowledge the tornado warning, and I imagine this is true for most people

posted by: mcg2000 on May 16, 2018  9:53am

The radio I was listening to kept cutting in with emergency alerts about the tornado warning for litchfield county. But once I was on a bus to Milford, I received no emergency text or phone call. I could track the forecast on social media and the reason I found out the tornado warning expanded to parts of new haven county was bc a friend informed me on social media.  I stand by wondering why the city didn’t send it its own emergency alerts like it does for parking bans in advance of predicted snow.