Will A Glove Lead To Hold-Up Man?

Police picked up a white plastic glove from a sidewalk in the Hill—with the hope it will help them find a masked gunman who shot at a convenience store clerk.

The incident took place at the One Way Mini Market on Greenwood Avenue Saturday “just before 6:30 p.m.”

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman (with his exact words in quotation marks):

Officers went to the market on a report of an armed robbery. Three market employees told them “they had been playing dominoes when two men entered the market. One of them was armed with a small black handgun, outfitted with a red laser.”

Two employees ducked behind a counter. A third “began slowly walking toward the back of the store.

“The gunman was speaking with an accomplice who was trying to open the cash register, when he fired a single gunshot at” the employee moving to the back of the store. “The robbers fled along with the look out, who’d been posted at the front door.”

The shot didn’t hit the employee. He went to the hospital, anyway, “after complaining of chest pains.”

The market’s owner showed up, reviewed the surveillance video. It showed the gunman and his accomplice, both wearing masks.

Detectives “processed the crime scene for evidence.” Officers Michael Pepe and Josh Kyle found one piece of potential evidence: “a single white plastic glove on the sidewalk, nearby.”

This Ain’t Washington State, Pal:
Officers Richard Gonzalez and Detective Timothy Wilson smelled the aroma of an evil weed as they patrolled Church Street South around 8 p.m. Sunday. Here’s what happened next, according to Hartman:

They “followed the smell to its source”: a a 33-year-old man sitting in a motorized wheelchair and smoking a blunt. “Eventually he admitted to having a bag of weed on him. He produced it and four others, handing it to the officers.

“‘Is that all? Are you prescribed this for medical reasons by a physician?’ asked the officers. [The suspect] said that was all he had and he had no such prescription for it.

“The officers confiscated the marijuana and he five bags of crack cocaine they found in another of [the man]‘s pockets. They also took cash and his cell phone as evidence. He was arrested and charged with the commission of eight drug crimes.”

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