Beneath Rosy Stats, Working Poor Struggle

by Sally E. Bahner | Feb 1, 2016 9:15 am

Sally E. Bahner PhotoPundits indicate that we’re now in a post-Recession economy. Unemployment in the town is down to 4.3 percent as of November 2015.

This all looks pretty good in contrast to the high unemployment rate and economic uncertainty of the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.

However, there’s an underlying segment of the population that is still struggling: the working poor, who are often employed in minimum wage jobs. These are people who were never able to obtain sustainable jobs after being laid off during the Recession or who never received the training and education that would help them get ahead. Or they couldn’t find work and stopped looking.

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The Recession Hangs On

by Sally E. Bahner | Mar 24, 2014 6:42 am

Mary Johnson PhotoDespite the uptick in the stock market, Branford residents – and Connecticut residents in general – are still struggling with effects of the Great Recession. The town’s strong social services programs are continuing to see an increase in the number of families taking advantage of their assistance, whether it’s due to cutbacks in the food stamp program, unemployment benefits, or underemployment. The real estate market also reflects the sluggish economy.

Unemployment is down to 5.6 percent as of December 2013 (from a high of 8.1 percent in December 2010), but that may be due to the exhaustion of benefits, the number of people who have stopped looking, or those settling for minimum wage jobs.

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Help On The Way

by Sally E. Bahner | Apr 4, 2012 8:21 am

With PermissionCutbacks in funding for various social service programs have galvanized the efforts of people in Branford and beyond.

“This has been a worse year than it has ever been,” says Pat Andriole, director of the Branford Counseling Center. She has said repeatedly over the past several years that Branford families are having a tough time.

“People who never thought they’d need help are applying for help,” she says. “People are coming in because they can’t pay rent because they have to pay for utilities and food. That’s new this year.”

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