Immigrant Tales

Int’l “Street” Food Start-Ups Ready To Roll

by Thomas Breen | Feb 27, 2019 8:55 am | Comments (1)

Thomas Breen photosLoosen your belt and get ready to eat.

A cornucopia of fried, spicy, savory, and eminently portable international street food is about to hit New Haven, courtesy of a host of new food startups run by local immigrants with fare ranging from Dominican Republic-style spinach-and-feta empanadas, chutney from Mauritius, and social justice-flavored Salvadoran pupusas.

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Run For Refugees Marks 2nd “Banniversary”

by Allan Appel | Jan 29, 2019 5:02 pm

Allan Appel PhotoAminah and her family fled from the violence of the Syrian civil war. Azhar and her family fled when her father was targeted in Sudan for helping internal refugees there.

Herman Bershtein wouldn’t be alive today and, at age 92, still running 5K races if his mother had not found an American sponsor to permit her to emigrate to the U.S. from Poland back in 1913.

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