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Peabody Plans Progress

by Thomas Breen | Feb 26, 2019 5:08 pm | Comments (6)

Centerbook ArchitectsThomas Breen photoThe City Plan Commission has signed off on Yale’s proposed renovation of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, paving the way for significantly more exhibition space, bus parking, and pedestrian connections to Yale’s Science Hill.

The new design doesn’t include a cafeteria, so visitors made hungry by the insects and dinosaurs on display will still have to find lunch elsewhere — to the disappointment of some commissioners.

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Biotech Entrepreneur: Fed Shutdown Is Shutting Down Our New Drug

by Allan Appel | Jan 23, 2019 4:36 pm | Comments (3)

Allan Appel PhotoIn the early 2000s, a Yale scientist discovers why cutting your arm or finger can result in nerve cells regenerating, but not so if your injury is in the spinal column. He figures out how to inhibit the inhibitors of regeneration for the central nervous system.

In 2010, a company is formed to research the drug, and it passes tests with mice, rats, and monkeys.

In early 2019, human clinical trials are all set to go, giving hope to nearly 17,000 people a year — many young adults — with paralyzing spinal injuries, for whom there’s no reversing treatment, only physical therapy.

Then comes the federal government shutdown.

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New Haven Ends Summer As “One City”

by Allan Appel | Sep 3, 2018 10:08 am | Comments (1)

Allan Appel PhotoKids in New Haven this summer learned how the electricity in their muscles, signalled by the brain, lifts things up — the power behind many prosthetic devices.

Just by using using a couple of light blue hand weights and a spinning chair, they took a fun lesson on why stars and planets at the center of a galaxy spin faster than those on the far reaches.

And, if their number came up, they could win a Connecticut (football) Cowboys Fan Club back pack in a raffle.

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