The Heights

East Side Parks To Get Some Love

by Allan Appel | Oct 4, 2018 8:10 am | Comments (5)

Allan Appel PhotoArtie Natalino and his father before him have been active in sustaining the quality of life in Fair Haven Heights for more than half a century.

That includes helping to organize and sustain the little league headquartered at Fairmont Park, and even personally getting after the decades-long problem of illegal dumpers at Quarry Park Preserve on Russell Street at the top of Grand Avenue.

Natalie is about to get some help, as those two long neglected parks on the east side of the city are poised to get some municipal love.

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Rubber Duckies En Route

by Allan Appel | Sep 7, 2018 8:07 am | Comments (4)

Allan Appel PhotoCity traffic-calmers brought neighbors a plan to ameliorate the dangerous intersection of Quinnipiac Avenue and Hemingway Street.

Weary of years of hearing screeching brakes and metal crashing on metal all along the northern portion of the busy Fair Haven thoroughfare, the neighbors demanded more.

With an urgent slogan of “no more blood in our neighborhood,” they have formed a new organization to get city hall’s attention to provide not just a temporary solution at this one intersection. They want a comprehensive approach, involving traffic calming measures for speed suppression, fixing sight line, signage,  and parking problems, and other issues all along the avenue north of Grand.

At the same time they were grateful for the temporary measure, they called for grassroots action to get city hall’s attention

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