We Will Save Lives

by Kellyann Day | Mar 22, 2019 12:22 pm

Christopher Peak Photo(Opinion) Dan Rather doesn’t appear on TV much anymore, but something he said has stayed with me as my colleagues and I experience the ups and downs of trying to prevent homelessness. “If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey,” he observed, “most of us would never start out at all.”

That may be true for some. But I’m lucky enough to have colleagues who would have embarked, and have stayed with it, regardless.

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DeLauro Wades Into Healthcare Debate

by Thomas Breen | Mar 20, 2019 4:18 pm | Comments (5)

Thomas Breen photoRosa DeLauro isn’t afraid of a Democratic Party fight over whether to reform or to overhaul healthcare in this country.

In fact, she welcomes the debate.

Because now that almost all Democrats share a common vision for moving towards universal healthcare in one way or another, the ensuing intraparty scrap should only strengthen those proposals for how to get there.

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T-Mobile Tries Again

by Allan Appel | Mar 7, 2019 6:09 pm | Comments (6)

Allan Appel PhotoThe cell phone array, completely enclosed in the church steeple, is completely safe. It provides income badly needed by an historic church. It looks fine. Property values will be unaffected.

Or ... Who really wants to live next to a nine-antennae array? And the science is not definitive over whether radio frequency emanations cause cancer.

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