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$9.5M Challenge: How To Spot Rogue Cops

by Paul Bass | Aug 11, 2017 1:07 pm | Comments (55)

Paul Bass Photo Markeshia Ricks PhotoHe destroyed evidence on one bogus stop. He harassed and arrested a man outside his home on trumped-up charges on another. He shoved and threatened to tow the “fucking car” of a “motherfucker” fisherman who’d parked on a bridge.

Daniel Conklin served a total of one day of suspension for those misdeeds. Then the police promoted him to detective.

Will his future actions spark the next police misconduct case to cost New Haven taxpayers millions of dollars?

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State Budget Woes Threaten Project Longevity

by Allan Appel | Aug 9, 2017 2:42 pm | Comments (6)

Allan Appel Photo The police department’s number one priority—reducing gun violence—is being achieved and the crime stats prove it: Five homicides compared to seven last year, and a shining achievement compared to the state’s comparable big cities, where to date Hartford has 19 homicides and Bridgeport 18.

But would a diminishing of resources due to the ongoing state budget crisis put the brakes on that positive momentum?

No, and, yes. Possibly.

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