New Grand Avenue Bridge: Paint It Black?

by Allan Appel | Jan 30, 2019 7:50 am | Comments (8)

Sketch drawing by Chris OzyckThe Grand Avenue Bridge, a swing span with Erector Set-like trusses and one of the glories of Fair Haven and of the city, was painted black back in 1898 when it was built and has always been so.

A needed full rehabilitation will get under way this fall, complete with vehicle closures that will last all of 2020 and perhaps through the middle of 2021.

When the rebuilt bridge emerges — with new electrical and mechanical systems and new, smoother roadways to endure for future generations — will it be painted the old coal black or Statue of Liberty Green or some shade thereof?

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Warming Centers Open As Thousands Shiver

by Paul Bass | Jan 21, 2019 1:27 am | Comments (4)

Mark Alden Branch Photo(Updated: 1:27 a.m.) As temperatures plummeted toward zero Sunday night into early Monday, ice left behind by a slow-sleet-rain storm was continuing to cause havoc in New Haven and Hamden, downing trees and utility wires and keeping crews scrambling to restore power.

Blame a geographic fluke — responsible for a crucial couple of degrees’ difference — for as many as thousands of homes and businesses losing power. Meanwhile, all that ice transformed streets into glass-like arboreal galleries.

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